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The store, a gift store and gallery, is located at 105 Banff Avenue, the main street in Banff Alberta. We are open from 10am to 10pm all week in the summer, with shorter hours through the rest of the year. To locals and regular visitors we are destination store for quality Canadian product.

We, Richard and Alison Norton-Hall, have owned the store since February 2006. Since that time we have developed it and continued to make the store an attractive and fun place to browse. We strive to make the shopping experience interesting and enjoyable and to make the shopping environment comfortable.

We have continued to source products that, in the main, are manufactured, or created, in Canada.

This philosophy of interesting Canadian products in a comfortable and attractive setting have led us to be consistently described by our customers as a beautiful store with lovely products. We hope that this enjoyable experience follows through to be also found when shopping with us on the internet.

Our core philosophy is to provide neat Canadian products at an attractive price.

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