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Celebrating Winter

We just released our latest newsletter – Celebrating Winter – http://aboutcanada.ca/store.html?news=1&returnNews=63#returnNews:

It has been a very warm winter, most long term locals say an unprecedentedly warm one. However, surprisingly, the ski conditions are amazing.

I thought, in the light of the great conditions, I would do a newsletter celebrating winter. (I learnt pretty quickly when I came to Canada that you must embrace winter, as there is no avoiding it – even if you wanted to.)

The first pieces that depict winter in Canada are from the new Snow And Ice Collection from First Nation artist Andy Everson. Andy depicts a winter activity backdropped by a First Nation totem. There are five images in the collection, can you identify the totems?.

Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Boarder


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Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Curler


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Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Downhill


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Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Figure Skater

Figure Skater

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Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Goalie


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Andy Everson Snow And Ice Collection Cross Country

Cross Country

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The next set of winter prints comes from the popular BC artist Peter Wyse. Peter`s work is simple and fun and seems to appeal to a broad range of folk.

Peter Wyse Golden Boy

Golden Boy

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Peter Wyse Nose Kiss

Nose Kiss

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Peter Wyse When The Pond Freezes Over

When The Pond Freezes Over

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A perrenial favourite in the store is the work of local artist and ski coach Mark Sharp.

Mark Sharp Rundle Winter

Rundle Winter

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Mark Sharp Skiers At Lake Louise

Skiers At Lake Louise

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Mark Sharp Start House

Start House

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A classic line of winter images is the work of local legend Bruno Engler. This weekend, by the way, is the 49th annual Bruno Engler Race.

The Bruno Engler Memorial is the longest consecutively running annual ski race in Canada. It`s more of a fun event, tinged with an edge of seriousness. The age categories for both men and women are :
35 – 44 | 45 – 54 | 55 – 64 | 65 – 74 | 75 – 79 | 80 – 84 | 85 – 89 | 90+

Yes there really are entries in the 90+ range – it`s the mountain air!.

Bruno Engler Beaver Ponds

Beaver Ponds

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Bruno Engler Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle Skiing

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Bruno Engler Hot Snow

Hot Snow

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I had hoped to bring you more pieces of metal art that we picked up at this years shows, but they are still awaited…. maybe next time!.

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