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Graduation Gift Ideas

In the northern hemisphere the academic year at schools and universities draws to a close, with another wave of graduations.

We have put a link on the website with some graduation gift ideas, I have included a few of the ideas below.Graduation logo

Andy Everson - Metamorphosis print
Metamorphosis print

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Patrick LaMontagne Owl Print
Owl Print

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William Finn Silver Bracelet Two Wolves
Silver Bracelet Two Wolves

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Continental Tree
Continental Tree

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Nathalie Parenteau Summit

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Hockey Dad

Nantel Titanium-Necklace

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And, if you are interested.

The tradition of wearing an academic dress to graduation started rather as a necessity rather than as official wear to the rite of passage.

The custom started in the early universities of the 12th century.

At that time, no sufficient heating system was provided in such universities, and as such, students were forced to improvise to keep warm.

The scholars, who were usually aspiring clerics or already clerics, started the practice of wearing a long robe with a hood for heat. Later that century, gowns were made the official dress of academics to prevent excessive apparel.

On the other hand, the square academic cap also called a mortarboard-because of its resemblance in shape to the device utilized by masons to hold mortar-was reputed to have originated from a biretta worn by scholarly clergies, which was used to signify their superiority and intelligence. These hats became popular in the 14th and 15th centuries and were only worn by artists, humanists, students, and all those learned. They usually came in the color red signifying blood and life, hence, power more than life and death.

Graduation caps and gowns, along with tassels, hoods, stoles and diploma covers are common apparel whenever men and women graduate from school.

Extract from www.youniversitytv.com

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