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Banff, open for business again

Well it has been an eventful two and a bit weeks.

First I flooded some of you with emails, for which I sincerely apologise. I have tested the fix and am, fairly, sure it won’t re-occur. Then we and many other Albertans suffered flooding of a different kind as torrential rains caused unprecedented run off. Our thoughts are with those that continue to suffer as the waters recede.

Here in Banff, with eight bridges and several stretches of highway washed away, we were isolated. An emergency release of water from the Minnewanka dam knocked out the power station for a while. Then a railway repair worker (the tracks were washed away too) cut the phone lines so we had no phones, cell or landlines, or Internet. That also meant we had no way of taking payments from those that were stranded here. It appeared that a bleak summer awaited us. However we were not counting on the grit and determination of the construction teams that came to our aid. After just one week of herculean efforts the highway has re-opened. Cars and delivery vehicles are allowed on the highway.

This weekend is Canada Day. We have have good reason to celebrate the Canadian spirit of working together and would like to thank all those who made it possible. The town has gone into party mode, there is a tremendous sense of relief and bon-homie.

We live in bear country
We live in bear country bag

Just before the floods we recieved our new reuseable About Canada tote bags. The art work is by Suzan De Laine and is called We Live In Bear Country. The bags are water resistant and hard wearing – they cost $2.95.

We have decided that, to celebrate re-opening, we will give one of these bags to anyone in-store this weekend who spends over $50 and will give double loyalty points (the equivalent of an 8% discount).

So to all the folk in Alberta this weekend do come and see us. Its going to be a great weekend.

To all those further afield. Thank you for your kind words and support over the last week.

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