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Treat For Mark Sharp Fans

We just released our latest newsletter – Treat For Mark Sharp Fans:-

We have had a busy week at the annual trade show. That is one of the places that we go to try and find this year/’s neat new products.

As the new lines that we have ordered come in, then we will tell you all about them.

This month we have a bit of a treat for fans of local artist Mark Sharp.

Mark has given us access to the last few of a limited edition of two prints. There were 100 prints made of each and originally a section of the prints were sold through Alpine Canada National ski team at $1000, each. They were a donation by Mark towards ski racing development (Mark is also a coach for the Canadian ski team). The originals sold at auction.

Mark is now letting the remaining few go on sale through us at $400, we expect that they will go quickly.

Start House looks out from the summit at Lake Louise, across the valley to the lake.

The piece is powerful and draws you in. When I stand in front of it I get the feeling of being in the start house myself. This is of course helped by the large size of the print (26.5×35.5 inches).

We supply the print in a tube to make shipping easier.

Victory depicts the finish line at Lake Louise. It is an interesting story.

Mark finished the painting a couple of weeks before the world cup. That year was the first time ever a male had won the world cup at Lake Louise since the beginning of the world cup decades before.

Supplied in a posting tube. Print size 22.5 x 34.25 inches.

I hope you like these new pieces, share them if you do

By the way. The trade show is in Toronto. I made use of the 4.5 hour flight to write some updates to the web pages. One feature that had been asked for was to be able to retrieve the last basket made. So now if you log in you can go to the basket page and click on the link to remake the last basket. Also, when logged in, you can view previous orders and shipping information. The site is under continual rewrites.

Check it out regularly and let me know if there is a feature you would like to see.

Finally as per last months newsletter, to try and help you find the perfect gift for your loved one we have a special page of Valentines gift ideas. There is a large range of both choice and price and I hope you find it of use.

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