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Christmas Ideas #3

November 12th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

We are already well into November and this is the third of the two weekly newsletters, as we lead up to Christmas. I hope the last one gave you some ideas.

Also don’t forget that we do gift wrap, and insert a message, free of charge.

And so on to our gift ideas for this issue.

An inexpensive but both stylish and unusaual line of jewellery this year has been the one from Canadian jeweller JR Franco.

A truly Albertan line of Jewellery is the ammolite and Canadian diamonds, set in silver, produced by Panabo, which which make a beautiful gift idea for Christmas.

The next idea is the range of Canadian made goods, that range from bags to tableware, produced by Panabo, which are a fun yet functional idea for Christmas.

An inexpensive Canadian made Canadiana line, and very seasonal, is the porcelain work of Lynn Moore

And finally, beautifully crafted porcelain vases

So that is our third batch of gift ideas. If you need more information or want to see us cover something in particular then do let us know.

Share these images if you like them.

I hope you find these ideas and information of interest.

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