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Christmas Ideas #2 and Yelp request

We added our latest newsletter:

So this is the second of the two weekly newsletters, as we lead up to Christmas. I hope the first gave you some ideas. (One thing I did not mention is that we do gift wrap, and insert a message, free of charge)

This week we registered on Yelp, a website aimed at helping visitors locate businesses. We would really appreciate it, if you have received service from us, if you would place a review at our Yelp About Canada page.

And so on to our gift ideas for this issue.

One of the really popular lines of jewellery this year has been the unique and stylish titanium and silver from Canadian jeweller Jean-Yves.

The next idea, in the light of all the snow that we have had this week, is the Albertan hand painted ceramic line from Debra Cheriawsky-Durrer, which is a fun yet functional idea for Christmas.

A perennial favourite for Christmas, and corporate gifts are books.

And finally some Canadian made pewter jewellery

So that is our second batch of gift ideas. If you need more information or want to see us cover something in particular then do let us know.

Share these images if you like them.

I hope you find these ideas and information of interest.

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