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Christmas Gift Ideas #1

It is about 10 weeks to Christmas. Now that may seem like a long time but, for our overseas readers, there are shipping times to consider. Canada Post have released details on last shipping dates and I have put this online for your information. You can view it at our Christmas post from Canada link, here.

Over the next ten weeks we will be stepping up the tempo of the newsletter, from monthly, to every two weeks. And try to give you a nice range of gift ideas.

To start off the Christmas gift ideas I thought, particularly as the days get colder, I would remind you of the Graham Howard range of Canadian made clothing (even the fabric is made in Canada!)

The next idea is the Canadian hand built ceramic line from Nancy, which has some great pieces for Christmas.

A Canadian classic, and perfect gift, is the blown glass from Robert Held

And finally some seasonal Alberta made raku

So that is a taster of gift ideas. If you live overseas make sure you check out the Christmas post from Canada link. If you need more information or want to see us cover something in particular then do let us know.

Share these images if you like them.

I hope you find these ideas and information of interest.

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