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Chris DeRubeis Sale

Earlier this year we took on the fantastic work of Chris DeRubeis.

He works on a medium of aluminum using paints, chemicals, fire and cold, among other secret techniques, to create fascinating works of art.

This style is becoming so popular that he has already become one of the top selling metal artists in North America.

The artist has a waiting list for his work and has asked us to return our unsold pieces. However, as I know there are many of our customers that love the work, I would first like to offer them to you at a special one off rate. This would give our customers a unique chance to get a Chris DeRubeis piece at an amazing price.

We have six pieces. They are difficult to photograph so I have made videos:.

This offer is on a first come first served basis and is only valid until we return the stock, which is imminent.

We will calculate shipping upon enquiry.

The four piece panels normally sell for $3995, the one and two piece for $2400. We are offering them at 25% off ($2996 and $1800) to avoid the cost of shipping back to the artist.

If you have been in store recently, or have seen Chris DeRubeis work elsewhere you will know how neat his work is. If you want to get this work at a fantasic price then don't wait. You snooze, you lose!.

Each piece is totally unique and seemingly alive as you move about it. Chris describes it as a having an hologramic feel to it.

We get a constant stream of admiration of the work, from customers in store. (I like it so much I have bought one myself).

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I hope you find this information of interest.

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