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Marianna Mikhaylyan, on TV

We have released our latest newsletter:-

We have a couple of different items that we hope will be of interest to you this month.

The first item is a collection of gift ideas for Fathers Day, which is celebrated pretty much world wide on June 17th. We have created a page of Fathers Day gift ideas (click here).

Some of the ideas that I like best are:

This month there was a half hour programme about the artist Marianna Mikhaylyan on TV. There is a limited time link to the programme at http://www3.tfo.org/details/GP099369. Hopefully it won\’t disappear before you get chance to watch it. (It is in french but it\s nice to see one of our artists getting national recognition!)

Some of Marianna\’s work is shown below.

This month also sees our children start to graduate. We also have set up a page for graduation gift ideas. The page contains a few ideas and we will grow it more for next year.

Share these images if you like them.

We release the Newsletter monthly but we do have weekly blog updates with news and updates. You can receive these by email by registering at http://www.blog.aboutcanada.ca/

I hope you find these ideas and information of interest.

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