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Bruno Engler Memorial Race

Tomorrow is the 46th Bruno Engler Memorial race at Norquay. (Its the longest consecutively running annual ski race in Canada.)
The age categories are 35–44 | 45–54 | 55–64 | 65–74 | 75–79 | 80-84 | 85-89 | 90+ and, believe it or not, there will probably be at least one entry in the 90+ group.

Its a great day and, though there are some great racers, most people are just there for fun. I have been entering for six years and have met families from Europe that plan their vacation to coincide with the race.

The group to try and beat, for me, is those 70+ year olds (I don’t stand a chance against the rest), wish me luck.

For your info

Bruno Engler was mountaineer, guide and local legend in the Bow Valley. He was also a very well respected and award winning photographer.

Bruno Engler is a recipient of the Alberta Achievement Award for Excellence, the Premier Cup for Photography and Mountaineering, the 1987 Rose Award and the 1986 Summit of Excellence Award, which is the highest honor that the mountain community can bestow upon its peers for contributions to mountain culture.

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