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6 gift ideas for a fisherman

September 11th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was recently asked what we had that would be good as a den ornament for an avid fisherman. During the conversation I was amazed to find that fishing is the worlds number one participation sport (apparently soccer is the worlds most popular sport overall).

Anyway given the popularity, and that the salmon run is about to start, I thought I would share what we listed.

Fish Ornament Cherry 6inch

Virtual Fish Ornament

Rusty Salmon Wall Mounted Ornament

Rusty Salmon Wall Mounted Ornament

Mark Sharp Fly Fishing Giclee

Fly Fishing Giclee – Mark Sharp

Dean Bielert Salmon Carving Cedar

Salmon Carving – By Dean Bielert

Everett Keogh Horseshoe Nail Fisherman

Horseshoe Nail Fisherman Ornament

Alfred Crocker Salmon Carving

Salmon Carving – By Alfred Crocker

These pieces are great for the den or office of an avid angler. (The lady bought the Fly Fishing giclee by the way.)

Which do you like best?.

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