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Two things I like…

Two of the things that I really like about running the store are having having people go ‘wow how neat!’ and the other is making them smile.

People do often thank us for what we do both in store and online and we keep a testimonial page.

Sometimes they make me smile back, like the one yesterday from Lauralee of the USA (reproduced with her consent)

Dear Richard and All,

I am wearing my gold-gilt necklace and earrings (Jacques Bastien)which arrived about 10 minutes ago!

I love them- however it meant I had to take off my Aurora diamond Dreamcatcher necklace (also from you) to do it. Such a wonderful dilemma!

They are gorgeous and even prettier than the photo on the website- I’m so glad I couldn’t resist getting them.

Thanks for such beautiful products!

Yesterday we went for a hike up to Healy Pass, near the Sunshine ski area. Its a lovely place in the summer. I think Bruno Engler captured it really well with his black and white photographs Rock Isle Lake and Larix Lake.

Bruno Engler Rock Isle Lake Black and White Photograph
Bruno Engler Larix Lake Black and White Photograph

The flowers at that altitude are small and only bloom for a short period but yesterday the alpine meadows were in full bloom and the colour just went as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful, the best that I have seen it. (click on the photos to see them better)

That made me smile too!.


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