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3 new Marianna paintings

Three new paintings have come from Marianna Mikhaylyan. I love her work.

Two of them are a series on the lovers theme that she does so well:-

The first is Valse D Amour
Marianna Mikhaylyan Valse D Amour painting
The second is Valse D Amour II
Marianna Mikhaylyan Valse D Amour II painting

The other is an Icon painting that seems to reflect her Armenian origins so well.
Marianna Mikhaylyan Icon painting

There was a review by Adam Volk of the Ottawa Xpress who, when describing her work, said “Graceful… figures glide amid swirling colours, with sharp, textured layers of paint lending a sense of movement. They are paintings in which the figures seem to be moving of their own accord, a style which Mikhaylyan has playfully nicknamed Movementalism.” .

I think that describes it really well.

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