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June Rain, Thep Thavonsouk

June in Banff is often wet. I don’t know what the records say but this year feels very wet.

Last night we had a thunder and hail storm that knocked out all power in the town for over three hours from about 5.30 to about 9pm. We closed the store but I do feel sorry for those folk caught out on the trails or who could find nowhere to eat.

All this talk of June rain brings to mind the June Rain series that we carry by internationally renowned artist Thep Thavonsouk. These pieces are original watercolour on rice paper.
June Rain By Thep Thavonsouk

Thep immigrated to Canada, from Laos, in the 70′s during the Vietnam War. His art usually reflects his previous life as a Buddist monk and I feel always have an aura of calmness and serenity.

Let me know if you like this.

(Bankok Airlines did a 5 page article on Thep Thavonsouk in the inflight magazine, you can read it by clicking this link)

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