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6 Totems – which are you?

In this months newsletter we said:

Much of our First Nation silver jewellery contains totem carvings. The animals depicted in these carvings each have a meaning. People often connect as much with the meaning as with the jewellery itself.

Which of the totems are you?

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Bear Ring

Bear Totem

Meaning of the Bear: A great hunter known for strength, power and human like qualities. He is welcomed as a high ranking guest to the West Coast people, a powerful ally in healing. In the plains, he is sometimes considered as a lover. The Bear path is walked alone.

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Eagle Ring

Eagle Totem

Meaning of the Eagle: The symbol of power and prestige. When holding an eagle feather, one must speak the truth. The feather is sacred, used in healing, and is a symbol of friendship and welcome. Like the Wolf and the Killer whale, Eagles mate for life.

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Hummingbird Ring

Hummingbird Totem

Meaning of the Hummingbird: Represents love, life and laughter. It is said to have put the twinkle in the stars. When Hummingbird appears during a time of sorrow, healing will soon follow. In the Kwakiutl legend, the man who catches a Hummingbird can have his choice of any bride.

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Raven Ring

Raven Totem

Meaning of the Raven: Considered the creator of all things. He is the most important being, the trickster who can become any living thing and make anything happen. According to the Tlingit, the Raven marriage to a mermaid became the Raven clan of Alaska. Raven symbolizes prestige and knowledge.

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Sun Ring

Sun Totem

Meaning of the Sun: Released by the Raven in the Haida legend. Sun is the provider of healing energy, life and beauty. The rays are our means of travel between the earth and the sky.

William Finn First Nation Jewellery Wolf Ring

Wolf Totem

Meaning of the Wolf: Loyal to those they love, the wolf represents family, friendship and togetherness. It possesses a special spirit power that man had to acquire to become a great hunter.

I have three daughters one wears the wolf the other two wear the hummingbird. Which is your totem?.

The images depicted here are hand carved sterling silver rings by Bill Finn, Cree, First Nation artist. Please note that as hand made pieces the rings will vary from ring to ring.

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