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Wooden carved bear and moose – school of moosic?

We have taken some new pieces, in the form of carved wooden bears and moose, from wood carver Ebenisterie De Beauce in store at About Canada, in Banff. I took some photos of the display and was reminded of one of those school photos where all the naughty kids are either chatting to each other or looking the other way!.
School photo 1
School photo 2
We have also updated the web page of his products, here they are posing properly for the camera.

Ebenisterie De Beauce

For those fans that know this line the change of name is because Yome Lebel has now retired and the studio has been taken over by Ebenisterie De Beauce. If anything the sculptures have got even cuter with the change.

Click on the link to go to check out the pieces posing properly in store


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