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Running partners

Spring seemed to have arrived, at last, in Banff until this morning where we have 6 inches of new snow.

We were out last week and the trails were busy with locals grinning with pleasure at being out in the sunshine. We came across a few runners and I thought I would show you a neat new range, for the runners, from Jack Willoughby, Canadian artist..

Jack has intruduced a new line to his range of steel sculptures, in the form of his runners sculptures.

I think they make great gifts for your partner, your running partner/s or yourself. They come in the form of:

Two runners
Partners running

Five runners (for the girls)
Running partners

Twelve runners (marathon runner sculpture)
Running partners

Click on the link to go to the product in store

These actually also make great corporate rewards – you know teamwork etc.

Let me know if you like this.


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