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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day newsletter

We just released our latest newsletter giving some ideas for different gift ideas for Mother’s Day. The newsletter said:

Happy, belated, Mothers Day to those of you who celebrated it last week.

When I was looking at doing a newsletter for Mother’s Day I was intrigued to find that, while most of the world celebrates it on the second Sunday in May, there are many exceptions to the rule. For example in the UK it’s the fourth Sunday of Lent, in Argentina it is celebrated with the arrival of spring on the second Sunday of October and in Norway it falls on February 11.

However for most of the world it is now a month to Mother’s Day so I thought that this month we would highlight some of our range suitable for Mothers, giving plenty of time for shipping.

So the following are some different gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

For those of you who are interested.
I found while writing this newsletter that the modern day observation of Mother’s Day began with the importation of Mothering Sunday from the U.K and Ireland to the United States. It was this idea that was picked up on and adapted by activists whose efforts led to President Woodrow Wilson declaring the first Mothers Day national holiday in the United States in 1914. Mother’s day began to be celebrated all over the world thereafter. Though it is been celebrated all over it is celebrated in different ways at different places.

I hope you like the Mothers Day gift ideas, next month we will have more of our latest products. Let us know if you have any questions, click on the images to see more details.


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