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Indian summer in Banff

Its been a beautiful last ten days or so after a miserable summer, weather wise, a real “Indian Summer”.

We have been busy in the store but I managed to get out last weekend for a hike up to Healey Pass. A trip that I have been meaning to take for the last couple of years.

I set off about 8.30 and you could feel the onset of winter. The walk was wonderful, about 4.5 hours round trip. In the clearings winter hinted at its approach with a thick layer of frost. The scenery was the usual spectacular, water falling down mountain sides and lakes falling into lakes. But it was made breathtaking by the fall colours.

I am no photographer but I took some snapshots and a bit of video.

It’s no wonder that artists are so inspired when the live in or visit this area, you would have to have something wrong with you not to be.

One artist who I think captures it is one of my favourites, Mark Sharp, actually thats a bit misleading as we wouldn’t show any work we didn’t really like. But I think that this time of year is captured really well in his Fall Leaves.
Mark Sharp print

Its days like these that make you stop and appreciate why you live here.

Its Thanksgiving (Canadian) this weekend, what are you going to do? – Happy Thanksgiving.


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