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The circle of life with Blake Richardson prints

September 17th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

An interesting set of prints that we have in our store About Canada, Banff, is a trilogy by Canadian artist Blake Richardson.

Blake has produced a series of photographs that in themselves cause one to reflect upon their deeper meaning.

Having transferred the original photograph to canvas he transforms the piece by using oil paints to define, in a subtle way, the images he finds in the photograph.

To me they are neat on a couple of levels. I see the circle of life in the trilogy:

Stare Away is the beginning, birth.

Blake Richardson print

River of Life is the the journey, life.

Blake Richardson print

Spirit Path is the end with the light at the end of the path, death.

Blake Richardson print

Then on another level are all the hidden images that you only see as you peer into the print.

For example in these two extracts magnifications of the images alone are: Pegasus, Hippo, Unicorn, Arctic Fox, Lemur, Badger, Butterfly, Giraffe, Lioness &, Cubs, Lion, Domestic Cat, Gorilla, Rhino & Baby, Buffalo, Puffin, Panda, Terrier, Spider, Red Poodle, Queen, Horse, Pig and Reindeer
Blake Richardson print

and: Turtle, Fairy Family, Mink, Wolf, 2 Bears, Coyote, White Buffalo, Mountain Lion, Raccoon, Fairy in Flight, Deer, Unicorn, Goose, Fawn, Heron, Hummingbird, Fox, Skunk and Opossum
Blake Richardson print

There are not many art works that you put on your wall that cause you to see new things each day and which also give cause for pondering the meaning. Quite neat don’t you think.

How many of the images did you find?.


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