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Libby paints a Grizzly in the garden

September 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Its not often that you get a Grizzly Bear coming into your garden. But thats what happened recently to Libby one of our artists at About Canada, Banff.

In fact the Grizzly returned twice more to her garden on Wilson Way that afternoon before being chased off by the wardens.

Given Libby’s talent for painting bears. The natural thing for her to do, rather than get her camera out, was to get painting. So it was rather compliant of the grizzly to return for further sittings!.

We are pleased to have the end result of these visitations in the form of Wilson Way Grizzly in the gallery part of our store.

Libby acrylic painting Wilson Way Grizzly

Have you had an unusual visitor (of the animal variety) ?.

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