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American Indian jewellery and legends

September 14th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love the legends that artists provide us with when they make pieces for us at our store About Canada, Banff.

One of our favourite jewellers Bill Finn is of First Nation origins.

Bill hand engraves all his sterling silver jewellery pieces and has sent us a Dragonfly pendant with a gold tail.

The pendant came with the legend of the Dragonfly’s tail:-

A Grandmothers Raven Tale

Frog was sitting on a water lily leaf in the sun. Turtle swam up and took Frog’s leg in his mouth to drown him. Dragonfly saw this, flew down and bit Turtle on the head. Turtle let frog go and bit Dragonfly’s tail off. Dragonfly tried to fly but tumbled over and over in the air until he landed on the lake’s bank.

Raven had been watching and flew down to dragon’s side. Raven said how brave Dragonfly had been and that Frog was one of his family.

So Raven gave Dragonfly a Raven feather for his tail so he could fly again.

American Indian Jewellery

I think thats a neat legend, do you like it?.

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