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Western legends, Bruno Engler, Chief Crowfoot and Sam Livingstone

At About Canada, Banff we have taken on the work of Carol Bortenlanger in the form of a “Western Legends Series” that she has created for us.

The Western Legends Series is a collection of limited edition prints of graphite drawings from Carol Bortenlanger. These depict three legends of the Alberta west.


Chief Crowfoot, who was a chief of the Siksika First Nation in the late 1880′s. He was a fierce warrior but tried to obtain peace instead of warfare. When the North West Mounted Police came west to keep order he negotiated for peace with the other chiefs then signed Treaty 7 with Colonel Macleod in 1877.

Chief Crowfoot

Bruno Engler, who came to the Rockies from Switzerland in 1939 as a mountain guide and photographer and became a legend in his mountain career. He taught mountain warfare to the Canadian army, worked as a ski instructor, mountain guide, actor photographer and was one of the Canadian Rockies’ great story tellers and enduring characters.

Bruno Engler

Sam Livingstone, who was a very colourful pioneer in the 1880′s and has been called ‘Calgary’s first citizen’, as he was one of the first to build a house in the Calgary area. He is famous for his involvement in the Gold Rush, buffalo hunting, fur trading, bringing new ideas to farming and ranching and was the largest cattle dealer at the time.

Sam Livingstone

Originally from Saskatchewan, Carol now resides in Calgary. She showcases our heritage through portraits of western and mountain legends, as well as rodeo themes, using primarily graphite and charcoal. Carol is a member of the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists and has been asked to exhibit at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery / Art Auction.

Who would you add as a Western legend?


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