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Nathalie Parenteau prints – more summer in Banff

I said in an earlier entry that summer in Banff National Park is about hiking and the water.

This weekend I hiked Rundle (two days later and my legs still hurt). Its nearly a nearly 1600m ascent to about 2900m.

I have included a link of some video toward the south and another of some video toward the north, or click on the videos below. The views are breathtaking.

It was a beautiful July day and very much worth the effort.

I have also included a couple of photos:-
A self portrait.

And, for those that have hiked Sulphur, or gone up in the gondola, a picture showing a dwarfed Sulphur Mountain. (Sulphur is one of the mountains that surround the town of Banff)

On a similar theme to my earlier post I thought a couple of the prints by Nathalie Parenteau that we sell in our store, About Canada, Banff, would be appropriate.

She does two relating to mountains. My favourite is Reaching High, which do you like?

Reaching High
Nathalie Parenteau - Reaching High print

Nathalie Parenteau - Summit print

Nathalie’s work is modern and bold and reflects her love of the outdoors, let us know if you like it.

If you come, or have come, to Banff we would love to hear your outdoor adventures and see your photos.

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