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Five ways of looking at Rundle

Each of us sees Mount Rundle, over Banff, in different ways. For me there are at least five different ways of depicting Rundle.

There is the straightforward tourist shot made to look good by stunning scenery and fantastic light.

For some local artist Mark Sharp nails it with his various depictions of the area. My particular favourite one of Rundle from Mark is Rundle Mist.
Mark Sharp giclee print
Marks style can be quite abstract. Some people prefer photography. When looking at photographs I prefer black and white photographs and in particular the works of local legend Bruno Engler.

Bruno did thousands of photographs but I really like is one of Banff from Norquay. For me it captures the grandeur and scale of Rundle.
Bruno Engler photography

For others a print of a watercolour is what does it, a popular print of Rundle at About Canada, Banff, is the one from local artist Louise Olinger.

Louise Olinger watercolours

Finally there is the sculpture. I have previously mentioned the Raku pottery from an Albertan artist whose Studio is called Mystic Fire.
Raku ornament

So of the different ways of viewing Rundle which is your favourite?.

We would love to see your own images.

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