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First Nations emotive jewellery

At About Canada, Banff, we taken on a new line of sterling silver jewellery by First Nation artist Nancy Dawson. And we have started putting the jewellery online.

It is neat for both its style but even more so for the meaning attached to it. The style I particularly like is the emotions necklace.

Nancy Dawson First Nation Jewellery
The First Nations believe that this coil like necklace will keep your emotions flowing, so that you will not remain stuck in various stages of grief, despair, anger, or depression.

The design on this necklace is the Eagle, which is the symbol for strength, courage, and the ability to go further.

I gave one of these recently to the bereaved partner of someone who had passed away, it was much appreciated.

On a happier note is the Hummingbird and Killerwhale heart necklace. This is a lovely gift for family or a girlfriend.
Nancy Dawson First Nation Jewellery

The First Nations believe that the hummingbird represents love, life and laughter. When it appears, during troubled times, joy will soon follow.

The Killer Whale is associated with strength, dignity, prosperity, and longevity. Killer Whales are thought to be the reincarnations of great chiefs. They often guide people to safety when they are caught in stormy weather.

I think that’s a really nice gift, what do you think?

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