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Canada Day, delicious.

It was a great few days here in Banff where we celebrating both Canada Day and the 125th birthday of Banff National Park.

It all got off to a lovely morning in town.

Parks put on a pancake breakfast which was both well attended and delicious, though there was a bit of a line up.

There were activities all day long with a big parade, plenty of marching bands and floats.
Canada Day outside About Canada

In the evening there was a concert in the park, followed by fireworks when it got dark. All in all an excellent day.

On Saturday as the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the birth of Banff National Park started. There was a big concert in the park with Hawksley Workman and Spirit of the West. There was food being served – ribs – delicious. The music was great and everyone was dancing away at the end to Spirit of the West.

The video above gives a bit of a taste of the mountain scenery around.

At About Canada we sell a lovely, Canadian made, raku ornament of a mountainscape that depicts Mount Rundle (one of the mountains that stands over Banff). This is a very popular line that our visitors take home as a lasting memory of their time in Banff.

Raku ornament

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