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Bear at the roadside

I was lucky enough the other day to come across a grizzly at the roadside in Banff National Park. It was early in the morning, about 6.30, and I had the road to myself.

I was privileged to be able to just sit in the quiet whilst the silver back just carried on grazing. It was a really neat experience.

This all ties in very neatly with the response to a previous post. I said in the Moose on a tandem post that I was curious as to where pieces that folk buy from About Canada end up. Tom, from Lanville California, kindly sent me some photos of his Howard Mahone wooden carved bear.

From its saying goodbye to Alison and James in the store.

To its new home in sunny California.

Howard’s bears are good for indoors or out. They prove to be a popular and enduring welcome to the home or cabin.
Wipe your paws bear

We would love to see more photos like this. Which is your favourite?.

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