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A Faith Harckham Bear Painting and a bear jam

Faith Harckham’s, Grizzly Bear paintings have proved very popular recently. She has painted more and the latest one contains lots of purple and blue. Its strange how she uses fairly primary colours and simple lines but really gets the essence of the bear, movement and water.
We get a lot of people admiring these pieces, what do you think?

Grizzly Bear Painting

When you go for a drive around Banff National Park. You sometimes see a line of cars parked up at the side of the road, or even in the middle of the road, as visitors stop when they see some wildlife. These traffic jams are known locally as bear jams. It makes life easier if someone else has spotted the wildlife first. However on more than one occasion a hapless visitor has stopped to check their map or something only to find the rest of the traffic come to a grinding halt and everyone leans out of their windows cameras ready.

Well here at About Canada we have our own bear jam when the hand carved wooden bears I mentioned in a recent post get delivered. Only this time its the bears lining up to get priced!. How cute are they?.

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