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World economies starting to improve?

Perhaps things are looking up at last. Retail sales in Canada rose by 2.1% in March according to Statistics Canada. For the full story go to the Financial Post. This resurgence appears to be global, apart from maybe the Eurozone.

According to Top News. Australian consumers headed back into shops in April, energizing the long dismayed retail sector, however, housing market continued to remain in troubling waters as building approvals fell sharply.

The Forex Blog advises that whilst the outlook for the Euro is negative, as governments adopting austerity plans means that GDP growth will like [sic] stall and contract. The British pound is higher as manufacturing growth remained at 15 year highs, and housing prices rebounded showing signs of economic growth. Also, as Canada’s largest trading [partner] is the US (the only country NOT enacting austerity measures to combat excessive debt), the Canadian economy appears to be ready to out-perform.

I was in the UK for a week recently and was surprised at how busy the stores were.What is your experience.

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