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Tree of Love, a new hit.

An in store favourite of ours is, Canadian artist Jack Willoughby. Jack produces a range of steel sculptures which we will be bringing online soon, As so many people come to Banff to get married a real hit of his is the tree of love.

Whether it is to celebrate a marriage, commemorate an anniversary or to mark a milestone in a relationship, lovers and partners may now have their initials and their significant date custom carved into their own personalized Japanese Maple metal sculpture. Unique to them, carrying memories to last a lifetime, this original piece of metal art will grace a wall or sit in a place of honour in their homes.

Usually the focal point in a garden, the Japanese Maple is loved for its elegant, delicate foliage and bright vibrant fall colour. In legend and lore the tree is also thought to tie humanity to the soul of earth and create connectivity with man to nature.

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