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Fathers day gift.

I noticed the blog http://easyonlinejobsreview.com/ had a post about internet shopping:
” People that visit Canada sometimes have time to relax in their hotel rooms and use the Internet services provided to see what shopping interests can be found in the town they are visiting for a short time. These visitors are amazed by all of the Canadian Internet shopping choices in front of them as they stare at the computer screen. ”

I like to think that once people have made it to town they will find our store in person. Its always good to meet the customers and what we have online can only ever really be just a taster of the experience of coming into the store. If you come to Banff I think you would enjoy the real experience so much more than the virtual one – no matter how we might try!

However, for those that can’t get in to see us, we have a few ideas for Father’s Day (June 20th) gifts.

  • For the gift card Dad – Gift Card
  • For the glass of wine Dad – Wine glass
  • For the more wine Dad – Wine holder
  • For the golfing Dad – Golfing Dad
  • For the more golfing Dad – Golfing Bear
  • For the yet more golfing Dad – Golf shirt
  • For the hockey Dad – Hockey Bear
  • For a letter opening Dad – Letter opener

For more ideas email us .

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