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A continental tree, what do you see?

Here at About Canada we have a really wide range of stuff, we are working at getting it all online (that day is a way off yet).

One of the ranges that is very popular is the Continental Tree. This is really popular with our visitors, and online, for a number of reasons. To start with its just a very neat ornament that can be hung on the wall or be free standing. It comes in three sizes, so there’s a size for every purse.

Continental Tree

Apart from being a great ornament though I love its symbolism. It seems to represent different things to different people. To some its of the linking of the world we live in and nature. To others its the symbolism of being one interconnected world.

One comment I often get from folk from the USA is how it makes them realise that they are just a part of the bigger picture when they see the size of North America in perspective to the whole.

What does it mean to you?.

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