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6 Indian meanings, which are you?

The First Nation (Indian) silver jewellery that we sell have totems of animals and birds carved into them. In addition to looking good these totems all have deep meanings to the First Nations.

That meaning is often the driving force behind how someone decides which First Nation ring, bracelet or pendant to choose.

I thought it would be interesting to show readers the meanings behind each of the carved jewellery, they are:-

  • Bear :– The great hunter. Known for his strength and power. Bear is referred to as the “Elder Kinsman” and is also a powerful ally in healing.
  • Eagle :- The symbol of power and prestige. An eagle feather is a sign of welcome as eagle represents peace and friendship.
  • Hummingbird :- Represents love, life and laughter. When it appears, during troubled times, joy will soon follow.
  • Raven :- The transformer and the creator. He is the symbol of knowledge and is the one who can make anything happen.
  • Sun :- The provider of healing energy and life. The sun was put into the sky by raven. The rays are means of our travel between earth and sky.
  • Wolf :- Loyal to those they love. The wolf represents family, friendship and togetherness.

Which are you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sterling silver Indian jewellery

I bought hummingbird and wolf bracelets for my daughters as I think they are neat gifts to the ones you love.

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