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Gilles Maurel Handmade Canadian Jewellery

This weekend was the Ice Magic Festival at Lake Louise, Banff National Park, we don’t have any pictures or works regarding this fascinating event but do have works by Octavian Florescu whose limited edition resin works appear to have been carved in ice. The piece below is titled Strings In Ice.

Octavian Florescu resin sculptures

Another of his pieces with the appearance of having been carved from ice, and which would not have gone amiss at the Ice Magic Festival, are his Bear and Cubs on a log. Again this is a limited edition resin reproduction of one of his sculptures.

Octavian Florescu resin sculptures

In addition, though not related to the Ice Magic Festival, we have new paintings from Albertan artist Larry Wowk. These scenes depict another of the wonderful scenes from Alberta, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Alberta art

This was entry was all a bit tongue in cheek in response to a friend from Banff Aspen Lodge in Banff, an excellent hotel, asking if we had a website or a blog and if we had any works on Ice Magic at Lake Louise. As we had both the first two but none of the latter I decided to rise to the challenge of making a relevant blog about the Ice Magic Festival at Lake Louise whilst having no works relating to it but a range of other works equally worthy of note.

In the last entry I mentioned jewellery for Valentines gift ideas. Another line that is popular both online and in store is the work of Gilles Maurel. These pieces, made in Quebec Canada from Sterling Silver, have pleasing earthy tones and a great price.

Silver jewellery from Gilles Maurel

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