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Canadian Rusty Metal Sculptures

December 10th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the neat things about running a store like at About Canada in Banff is the artists that we meet. Often they come hundreds of miles to show us the works they have created. We are always pleased to see the artists and give them a warm welcome – even if we can’t always take their work.

This last week we have taken on a couple of new lines. One is the work of Denis Mayer Jnr., an interesting and up and coming artist whose work has been compared to that of Canadian Artist Robert Bateman. His works are presented in a limited edition giclee form and are, I believe, very reasonably priced.
Canadian artist

Another place that we meet our artists is at ‘One of a kind’ gift shows. This is where we came across Ron Stephens and his collection of rusty metal sculptures. Each of these pieces starts out laid on the ground in Rons back yard, hence the leaves and grasses that you often see in the rust. Then he coats it so that your hands and walls don’t become discoloured. These pieces are, obviously, good for indoors or out. My personal favourite is the rusty metal trophy bear head.
Metal bear sculptures

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