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Canadian Christmas gift ideas

So, Haloween has come and gone and thoughts turn to Christmas. We have now put our Gift Cards online. The beauty of a gift card is that the person can choose a beautiful handmade Canadian Christmas gift for them self. We offer free shipping for a Gift Card. We have introduced in store a stocking filler promotion, to help with Christmas gift ideas. We hope to introduce the Xmas gift ideas online, but may not manage it for this holiday season.

.Gift Card Xmas gift ideas

A real favourite this year has proved to be the Virtual Fish. These Virtual Critters are wooden fish, handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada, by Anne O’Hearn. Their realistic flexibility is due to a canvas spine that holds the individual sidepieces of wood together. Even though they are fascinating to people of all ages, we do not recommend them as toys for young children. Immersion in water may lead to deformation of the critter. These are a firm favourite of visitors to the store who invariably pick them up and show them to their friends. Now these are a neat Christmas gift idea.

.Christmas gift ideas

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