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About Canada, Banff, gift store blog begins

February 27th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I went to a conference in 2006 and the guy speaking was saying that the blog was the most important thing to happen on the internet, and I thought yeah right!

Then a couple of weeks ago I went to another conference and another well respected speaker was saying the same thing. That technology is moving so fast that blogs were in the process of changing our lives. I decided to look into it further. My first question was, what is a blog, really? Definitions include Knowledge Management Tool, or Content Manager or Community Creator, or The Tool for Smart Marketers. In fact, a blog can be all of these. But to simplify it, a blog is a special type of website that can be created in minutes, that costs nothing to create, that can look like a diary but allows other people to contribute.

Blogs have been around since the beginning of 1999. In 2002 Google bought one of the leading blog pioneers, Blogger.com, and a year later they had over a million subscribers to their free service. Now there are an estimated 20 million people using blogs daily. The term blog stands for a “web log”.

I found that a blog allows me to share knowledge in short little tidbits. I can share news about what’s happening, new trends, opinions, in fact anything my customers and clients might be interested in, and to publish pictures. But where a blog differs from a regular website is that it allows you, the reader, to talk back to me, allowing interaction.

So my blog starts.

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